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Created in April 2012 with the aim of making organic cosmetics accessible to all, Avril is a French brand that cultivates 4 strong values: quality, ecology, price and service.


Our first requirement is the quality of use and the result of the product: ease of application, color intensity, active effectiveness, pleasant smell and texture, long lasting ...

Each product is subject to strict quality controls (safety tests, traceability and quality of raw materials ...) that guarantee maximum stability and tolerance of the formula.


Whenever possible, we remove unwanted packaging from our products. Result, less waste and lighter products to reduce the environmental impact of their transport.


Our range of organic cosmetics is certified by an independent organization, Ecocert, which guarantees that at least 95% of the ingredients of our products are of natural origin and that at least 10% of the ingredients come from organic farming. 


Finally, according to European legislation, we do not carry out tests on animals, whether raw materials or finished products.


Our desire is to make organic cosmetics accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we reduce all costs that seem superfluous to us: we do not advertise, we do not have a muse, we do not distribute samples ...

And because, like you, we like simplicity, our prices are fixed and you can benefit immediately, every day, without waiting for a promotion.



Beleza Bio. em deRAIZ com a Avril

Avril's mission is to make organic quality
accessible to all. We pay special attention to quality

of our products.


- each texture is studied to be the most pleasant

possible: our shades are ultra-silky, our body oil does not

leave a greasy film on the skin ...

-  easy to use and quick: body milk penetrates

quickly, the eyeliner emerges effortlessly thanks to the

your thin brush ...

- The perfumes are fresh and discreet: creams have

neutral aromas for all tastes ...



- the colors are intense, bright and modern:

our lipsticks are very pigmented, our

Mascara is a deep black ...

- the active ingredients used are natural and effective:

our eyeliners contain shea butter

that nourishes your skin, our shampoos contain organic a

rgan oil that protects your hair ...

- the result is all day lastig: our concealer camouflages

imperfections permanently with the complete discretion.



Each product is subject to strict 

safety tests, stability studiesand compatibility, control of

raw materials and finished products, identification of

production batches and traceability ... All these controls

ensure stability and maximum tolerance of the product.


As quality is also offering more natural products, 

to your skin and the environment, we chose to have our

line of organic cosmetics

certified by Ecocert.


Organic products certified by Ecocert do not containGMOs,

parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles,

silicon,PEG, perfumes and synthetic dyes. Ingredients

fromanimals are also prohibited (except those naturally

produced by them, like honey, milk...).


In addition, Ecocert's Organic Cosmetics label ensures that:

- At least 95% of the total ingredients are natural or of natural origin.
- 95% of the minimum vegetable ingredients of the formula are derived from organic farming.
- 10% of the total minimum ingredients are from organic farming

Finally, according to European legislation, we do not carry out tests on animals, whether raw materials

or finished products.


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Organic Cosmetics Label certified by Ecocert

Ecocert's certification of Organic Cosmetics guarantees, among other things, that products contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and at least 10% of organic farming ingredients. Finally, 95% of the plant ingredients should come from organic farming.


Organic cosmetic label certified by Qualité France

Quality France's specifications are similar to those of Ecocert.



Ecocert Certified Cosmos Label

The Cosmos Organic label applies to all new releases launched after January 2017. This new label is a bit more demanding than the Ecocert label because it imposes two new criteria:

- Creams and non-sparkling products must contain more of 20% of organic ingredients

- Non-biodegradable ingredients are no longer accepted.



Peta Cruelty Free Label

In accordance with European legislation, we do not perform any animal tests. For each of our cosmetic products (organic and non-organic), we have a complete technical and regulatory file summarizing the various quality controls performed.

Avril's cosmetics are labeled as No Cruelty by PETA, which ensures that no testing is performed on animals, both in finished products and in raw materials.



Peta Cruelty Free & Vegan Label

Some of our products are labeled as Cruelty Free & Vegan by PETA, which means that in addition to being cruelty free, these products do not contain ingredients of animal origin.


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Avril is the spring, the freshness, the renewal, the nature

thatresumes its rights ... everything that corresponds to

the valuesthat carry our brand: the quality, the naturalness,

the novelty, joy, colors ... With Avril, sunny days come,

we want to take care of ourselves!



All our organic cosmetics are certified by

Ecocert and Qualité France. These labels ensure that

we respect the certification for organic cosmetics:

- The products do not contain GMOs, parabens,

phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, perfumes

and synthetic dyes,or ingredients of animals (except

naturally produced for them: milk, honey ...).

- The products contain at least 95% of the ingredients of

natural origin and at least 10% of organic agricultural.

10% may seem rather low, but you should know that

there are water and mineral (and therefore non-

agricultural) ingredients in cosmetics ...

In fact, they are at least 95% of the plant ingredients

which must be organic farming.

- The packaging is validated by Ecocert to the

lower impact on the environment.


First, we minimize the packaging: we remove all

boxes and bubbles, and we prefer that the packages

use less plastic.

Then we develop only organic certified