Biatakí - eco ashtray is a project that started out as a piece of common cane and a reused wine cork.

Thus was born the first reusable, durable and sustainable pocket eco ashtray.

Created by David Rodrigues, it is now a set of cause products and an environmental awareness movement with the aim of reducing, and even eliminating, the pollution problem caused by the disposal of cigarette butts into the public space and the environment. Although the cigarette butt is a very small residue, it can contain up to 4000 chemicals; 700 of which are toxic and 60 cancerous.

Can you imagine the impact of 4.5 trillion butts that end up in the oceans each year?


EC O Values:

  • Biatakí products are produced by hand and using natural raw materials (cane, cork, wood and bamboo planted in Portugal), as well as reused materials (cork stoppers, black plastic bases, collection pots) and soon, the PVC tubes will be made of recycled plastic.

  • Production is always carried out in the most sustainable way possible: for example, the cane is harvested by hand (using a saw) and the electricity consumed in the studio comes from renewable energies through Coopérnico.

  • All shipping packages are cardboard and reused, collected from Biatakí partners.



Rede Biatakí is a program of awareness actions, installation of Biataki ashtrays and collection of cigarette butts for appropriate and specialized treatment.