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I love! My cream, coming from here, is fantastic. I'll want more... And it has no chemicals and it's not tested on animals...

Congratulations on the website! I will always recommend!

Facebook  2/5/19

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The order arrived super fast, with original packaging, not to mention the natural products, which my skin is loving  😍

Facebook 4/5/19

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Ana Joel 

I'm a complete fan!!!
I loved my diffuser and the Intro Kit. of essential oils that are wonderful!!!

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Jorge Pinheiro

Thank you for the excellent work done.  Thank you very much and best wishes

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Teresa Carreiro

Francisca Henriques

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Ricardo F.


Facebook 5/8/20

Teresa Carreiro

In this journey, in this 'lifestyle' that I believe is the most suitable for a more sustainable and balanced world, I replace many other products - toothbrushes are made of bamboo, cotton swabs too, shampoos are solid (and wonderful), avoiding plastics from packaging and the synthetic substances that are in the ingredients of the others (bye, bye Redken, I don't need any!), the lipsticks and varnishes and the other vanities are also natural, and the sponges and soaps, everything is chosen taking into account reduced toxicity, completely cruelty-free (no animal testing, that's enough!), and the like.
Yesterday I received a gift from DeRaiz- new delicious soaps, this time from a Portuguese brand. That's great!!!
I recommend that you try it. The difference is huge. It is with these 'steps' that the big world is changed.

Congratulations on the work full of love and demand.

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I wasn't expecting what I found when I opened the envelope, a real treat for the senses.


Visually, it's incredible: the manual aspect of the packages, the materials used for them, the description of the gift soap written with a pen and the thank you card are, to say the least, incredible.


On an olfactory level, it was a very good experience thanks to the beautiful offers that came with the order.

It looked like a gift on a party day!

Thank you so much for these treats.

I can only congratulate you for the service that exceeds any expectations.

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