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My name is Annette Simões and I'm the founder of deRAIZ. Being able to share my love for natural beauty and wellness

is why I decided to create this site. It's more than a mission,

it's my passion.
Due to health issues, I decided search for natural alternative 

solutions in every area of life.

I started off with what I ate, then moved on to household

cleaning and finally to my personal hygiene and cosmetics. 

Natural beauty truly inspired and intrigued me. So much

so that I attended a course in Bio-Cosmetics, at the

Portuguese Institute of Naturalogy (IPN), in the city of


And so deRAIZ was born, with the aim of promoting 
natural and simple beauty & wellness in Portuguese.

Now deRAIZ is also available in English.

Uncomplicating life through simple tips and natural, organic

and vegan products.

Join me in this world of pure pleasure for the senses. Mother Nature is truly powerful!

Our Mission



Your Satisfaction is our main goal.We're not into a quick sell or
a single visit.
We want you to come back whenever 
you need a  quick tip or to buy a
product because you know it's top quality.



We intend to help spread the word. 
Green beauty, wellness and  healthcare
can de simple and inexpensive. 



We've tried out personally every tip, technique and product. 
All products are duly certified and contain the necessary information.This will allow  you can make your choice, with confidence .



Simplicity is imperative!
We all live in a fast-paced world.
We don't always have the time
nor the will to perform a complicated and time-consuming beauty routine
We simplify natural beauty.



We are constantly looking for information on new
techniques and innovative products.