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We are a Portuguese brand that is inspired by nature and presents options for the whole family.

GREENSENSE is a natural and vegan cosmetic brand that was born from the search for healthy and sustainable products, naturally organic, vegan and with real results.


It arose from the desire to create products in which the values ​​of sustainability and efficiency were allied and present in every detail: from ingredients to packaging, passing through the production process, without forgetting the boxes and stickers.

A brand where every detail was thought to be as healthy and sustainable as possible.

The truth is that we are exposed daily to aggressive factors, we all have different habits and needs, but most of us, daily, consciously and unconsciously, use products full of harmful compounds that are incompatible with us, harm our bodies and the environment.

The brand's mission is reflected in promoting greater contact with a healthier lifestyle, capable with improving our daily hygiene and beauty routines, in a sustainable manner. What isn't good for us can not be good for Nature either.

In this sense, GREENSENSE cosmetics are made with ingredients of biological, vegetable and mineral origin, do not contain parabens, petroleum derivatives, artificial silicones, GMOs or harmful ingredients.


Our products are vegan and none are tested on animals, as we defend the freedom and life of all living beings. Our production is adapted to the type of products we present, in order to guarantee its freshness and greater durability.

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We believe in helping out Mother Nature, we reuse all of our packaging.

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