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Water-Neutral- means that the water we use to produce our brushes is used in a
conscious way. We use natural ingredients that grow without artificial irrigation, such as bamboo. In addition, we use only colors that do not contain mineral oils or other chemical additives and therefore do not leave residues. We do not want to put any unnecessary damage on the world with our actions.


That's why our products do not contain products of animal origin and are not tested on animals– VEGAN.


All our products come from fair trade, because fair work deserves fair wages!



Hydrophil brushes are produced in an FSC-certified factory and carry CE labeling, which ensure that they comply with all relevant health and safety requirements of the European Union.

In addition, the factory re-tests the products with regard to safety and medical condition.

Viva Con Agua

–  10% of all Hydrophil profits are donated to a non-profit organization,

Viva con Agua, of Sankt Pauli e.V., which aim to create and maintain access to safe drinking water for people in the Southern Hemisphere.


Why Reduce on Plastic?

We are constantly surrounded by plastic - it can be used for various purposes and it is cheap. What's wrong with this: plastic needs at least 500 years to decompose. About 13,000 plastic particles are found on every Km2 of the surface
of the ocean - scattered around the world by the ocean current. It is estimated that 75% of waste in the North Sea are composed of plastic. In addition, most plastic products come from crude oil and require a lot of manufacturing resources - which speeds up consumption of non-renewable fossil resources, so the use of plastic should be well thought out and radically

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