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In ancient Rome, on June 11, the Matralia festival was celebrated in honor of the Goddess Mater Matuta.


This festival, known as the cult of the Great Mother, was a tribute to women, fertility, maternal love, protection, abundance and a new awakening at dawn.


This project is born from the same premise. Valuing nature, women, the family, promoting their well-being and the well-being of their community. 

Why Matralia

Matralia, a brand  premium  of natural and artisanal cosmetics whose mission is to promote natural and organic wellness products that can actively contribute to a change in more sustainable consumption habits.


All our products are  cruelty free,  no animal experiments.

We promote sustainability, using natural and organic raw materials of proven origin and their transformation is done by hand.


Our packaging, made from recycled and reusable materials, was designed to preserve the characteristics of our products and to have the least possible impact.  All our suppliers share our philosophy of valuing Circular Economy and Zero Waste processes


We ensure that all our products undergo strict quality control and are made in accordance with current legislation.

Matralia is a registered trademark at INPI and has the necessary registrations at INFARMED. 

Produces following good manufacturing practices, in accordance with the harmonized standard ISO 22716:2007  (cosmetics  -  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices) and complying  to the provisions of numbers 1 to 8 of article 13 of Regulation 1223/2009, all products were notified to the European Commission, through the CPNP portal  (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).