🇺🇸 Change, the Only Constant in Life

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

That change is a constant of life, we all realize. But how do we react to change? How do we embrace Change to make other journeys into the unknown?

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We often react with apprehension, even fear. At times with irritation and often with feelings of revolt.

Because what is new has no record, it is we, ourselves that plant within us, looks suspicious and sows insecurity. It leaves us sometimes on the verge of a fit of nerves, others times in a torrent of tears ... and in it's greatest hight, in the imminence of a panic attack!

Change invites us to leave our precious comfort zone. My God, what discomfort, we think! But it also beckons us with a palette of possibilities for experiencing new situations ... it may even be possible to feel the realization that we have so long desired!


It can turn us into warriors, adventurers ... artists and makers of new worlds. The courageous, disguised in fear.

And when we finally embrace Change, who has already changed is us.

First we draw small windows, then tear out the doors of our comfort zone, flip routines ... and once opened, one jumps cautiously to fall into the unknown.

Yes, everything takes time and change is best served, when it's done slowly.

Change has an ally, a secret co-conspirator, who prepares the road. It's called Discomfort. It is he who shouts "Go, jump, change!" And we have no choice. Either, we embrace change or get caught up in that discomfort.

Whether it is physical, emotional or in any another sphere, it is often the discomfort we feel that grabs us by the hand and leads us towards the change that is imposed.

In situations of illness, of imbalance, we need to go in the search of the moment where we lost our health, our balance. And it's in this discovery that we realize the imperative need for change! Of habits, of concepts, of freeing ourselves from prejudices.

We can only make changes if we are Free.

Because Change is a Choice ...

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