I'd love it if it were Christmas, little bit every day of the year! Thence Everyday would be truely Christmas, without all the glitter and fuss!

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I suspect that deep down, we universally have this desire, even if it's hidden deep in our hearts. This enchanted place, where genuine love of love is born! The love that instantly makes Christmas happen anywhere you desire it. As if it were magic...

This year it's no longer possible, the calendar is virtually at its end! But we're still in time to make of our Precious Time a lovely gift! To rethink our choice of gifts responsably...

We undoubtedly live in a era that genuinely wants the New. Organic, recycling, sustainable, zero waste... represent modern concepts that we must also integrate in a Modern Christmas Spirit. Moderating consumerism should undoubtedly remain a sound practice this Christmas. The Planet will thank us, as will the generations to follow.

Less is more, is an excellent motto to keep in mind. Less consumerism and more love.

foto: Wix

Let's be attentive that when next Christmas arrives, we can all say it was positively Christmas Every Day...

That we were mindful of Love... That we conveyed that hugging is for affectionate hugs and kissing for gentle kisses... That pampering is simply for the delight of pampering... And that smiles, those whimsical smiles that carefully plant rainbows in Sad eyes and brings out the radiant sun...

They held hands, dear old and young, in a Gordian knot made of gentle lullabies... And it was just Christmas, Everyday...

I wish you a Merry Christmas Everyday!

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