🇺🇸 Naturopathy, Yah or Nay? What Say You?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

When it comes to Naturopathy, my mind instantly goes to the teas and infusions that my mother and grandmother always had at hand. In the pantry, in a row, were the little tins, filled with leaves of lemon balm and Lemongrass. Also with Dandelion, that helped papa's liver disorders. The Olive Leaf that flavored Grandmother's tea for her heart... Cherry Stems and Corn Silk for Uncle Julio's bladder problems. And Marcela! I picked them myself (to open my appetite, at that time, I didn't enjoy eating). I remember it like it was yesterday. What a torment! Just the name made my mouth crawl all the way down to my stomach! Marcela, a tiny bitter-sour flower with an acrid smell, from which a magic potion was brewed. And the Mauves... Grandma's Pharmacy lived in the pantry, in lovely tidy cans!

These images, that populate my memories, are suggested by the term Naturopathy. Currently the term involves other practices, ingredients and methods, associated with the concept of healing, treating, improving the physical body. They represent a subject of controversy lately... Whether for economic or other interests, half the world wants to discredit my Grandma Custodia's lemon balm tea. It relieved so many of my belly aches, now it's said to do no such thing after all!

Naturally there are other products available today for Naturopathy from plant extracts, such as essential oils, dietary supplements and others. Plants constitute the basis of many scientifically tested drugs, but no, they are not a magic wand!

They do not solve all health problems. Good common sense must prevail. When it comes to our health, we should question and research, without fanaticism or overzealousness. The most reasonable answer will be to use them both wisely! Use whichever is best and most effective in any given situation.

I continue preferring my Passiflora tablets to ward off interminable nights of insomnia!

Alcohol free! No synthetic chemicals!!

And it bears such a lovely name: Passi flora.

Passion Flower! The beautiful Passion Flower!! Share with us any questions, experiences and suggestions for future posts.

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