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"There is no Planet B" is not only a page on Facebook, it is a green movement that we should embrace ... Green, because green is the color of hope, green because it's young, green because it has sap and strength, green because it's green. A seed in us that sows wills, emotions and knowledge. And that's all we need to finally understand an Absolute Truth: we really do not have a Planet B!

But we have many B options !!!

B will be the attitudes that will return to Earth it's magical name, the Blue Planet, blue being the color of balance.

Photo in Pixabay

It's up to Us, Me, You, He, She ... our B choices, which will replace the mistakes that previous attitudes have provoked.

We all make a difference.

It's just not enough, not to leave garbage on the beach, it's necessary to collect the garbage that others leave behind. It is not enough to save water, we must teach our future generations to save this precious liquid. It is not enough to elect bees as the most important beings of the Planet, we need to create conditions for them to live in balance. As an example of this, Morgan Freeman has built on his farm, a true Sanctuary for these wonderful insects, responsible for plant pollination. Without bees there is no agriculture! ...

Let B be an acronym for Good Practices!

Because We do not have 1 Planet B !!!

Photo by Matheus Bertelli

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