đŸ‡ș🇾 Time of Eastering🐣

I invariably find it enchanting to twist words, allowing nouns gracious wings and prop them on an enchanted flight...

Eastering will gently take Easter on an enchanted flight,

which following social tradition shall be sweet... From candy almonds to gracious gifts between Godparents and Godchildren, they willingly exchange pampering, presents and sincere affection. Exchanging kind gifts as is typically the Tradition, with a altered consciousness will undoubtedly become the precious seed of renewed traditions!

Cherished tradition goes willingly throughout countless generations and carefully bestows upon our precious children its cultural value, as if it were precisely a Survival Manual.

It is invariably everyone's fundamental task, to retouch its possible colors and cultural nuances in an ecological and sustainable way. So that it snuggles and progressively extends its gentle hand to the Future. Shall we begin today?

We can all color these peaceful days of interrupted customary routines with increased feelings and fundamental attitudes. From leisurely walks, in our grandparents home town to resolutely turning off the Wi-Fi or conveniently forgetting our cell phones...Precious little gestures that our conscious brain, saturated with electromagnetic energy, will justly appreciate...

And with a relieved mind, so many lovely things can happen naturally! Other conversations, other attitudes... Other dreams! The first active step is contemplated... What will come next, only God knows!!

May We All Enjoy a New Eastering in 2019!!!

Share with us your doubts, experiences and suggestions for future posts.

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