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100 ml.

Product by: Avril


Protect and nourish your skin, hair and nails with just one product: Avril Organic Coconut Oil!

This 100% pure and cold pressed oil envelops you gently and with a voluptuous holiday scent ...


April Quality


  • Nourishing and protective
  • Multiple uses: skin, nails, hair, beard
  • 100% pure cold pressed oil that allows optimal preservation of the benefits of coconut oil
  • Ecocert Certified Organic
  • Vegan Product
  • Made in france


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How to use Avril Organic Coconut Oil?

Solidifies below 20 degrees.

To use it in an oily state, immerse the tube in warm water or leave the tube for a few minutes on a radiator.
Tip: If you want ultra-generous balm, don't overheat Avril Organic Coconut Oil.
Where to apply Avril Organic Coconut Oil?
It can be applied to hair, body, face, nails, hands and ... beard!