Bálsamo Labial da Hidrophyl

Lip Balm


Lip Balm | Hydrophil

Contains only 3 ingredients: shea butter, almond butter and hemp wax.

Nourishes stressed skin in the most natural way, without unnecessary additives and perfumes.


Made and packaged in Hamburg in practical and almost indestructible reusable metal cases.


The net weight at the time of filling is 7 g



INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii, Prunus Dulcis, Cannabis Sativa Oil.


  • Water-Neutral means that the water we use to produce our brushes is used consciously. We use natural ingredients that grow without artificial irrigation, such as bamboo. In addition, we use only colors that do not contain mineral oils or other chemical additives and therefore do not leave residues.


    We do not want to put any unnecessary damage on the world with our actions. That is why our products do not contain products of animal origin and are not tested on animals - VEGAN.


    All of our products are sourced from Fair Trade because fair work deserves fair wages! - FAIR.