Gel de Adelgaçante com Algas e Óleos Essenciais da Bewell Green

Algae Slimming Gel with Essential Oils


200 ml.

Product by: BeWell Green


Gel specifically formulated to reshape fat pads and as an adjunct in the treatment of cellulite. The laminarins and fucoidans contained in brown algae (Laminaria and Fucus) stimulate microcirculation and effectively drain fluid and interstitial toxins. Ulva extract improves the elasticity and tone of the tissues. The innovative ingredient Biotech Slim, composed of proline-complexed lauric acid, delays the entry of fatty acids into mature adipocytes, activates lipolysis and promotes fat mobilization. The slimming gel is specially formulated with a Laminaria concentrate for effective and visible reducing action.

    Professional quality at your disposal.


    From Laboratoires BeWell's traditional formulas, a highly concentrated, professional-quality product line formulated with total respect for skin physiology.


    The line was developed taking full advantage of the virtues of the sea: seaweed, salt and sea water, as well as plant extracts and natural ingredients. The products contain no harmful ingredients such as parabens, paraffins and silicones.


    These are combined with a specific BB and body and leg cream to be used in warmer seasons to perfectly blend complexion and enrich the skin with active ingredients that improve circulation.


    Certifications: AIAB, VEGANOK