Batom Creme Fosco Rosa Vinil  Certificado Orgânico da Avril

Matcha Green Tea Deo. Roll-On

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50 ml.

Product by: Urtekram

Anti-Pollution / Urban Protection


Natural deodorant, which allows odorless perspiration.

No synthetic perfume or alcohol.

Japanese matcha green tea antioxidant extract and anti-pollution microalgae extract present in its composition help to balance and protect the skin against urban pollution, while your skin is treated with the properties of glycerin and bacteria and bad odor are transformed. a thing of the past due to the action of natural mineral

    • Vinyl Rose, a very feminine antique rose (matte effect)
    • Nice creamy texture to apply
    • Long term
    • With castor oil and organic jojoba
    • Ecocert Certified Organic
    • Vegan Product
    • Capacity: 3 ml