Bolsa Para Penso Menstrual Reutilizável_Mind The Trash

Pouch for Reusable Menstrual Pads

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1 pcs.

Product by: Mind The Trash



The menstrual patch pouch is designed to help us carry and store the patches outside the home.


Made without wasting fabric, taking advantage of the width of the rolls, in certified organic cotton GOTS and waterproof layer of laminated cotton to avoid dirtying around it. It contains two compartments, one to put the patches to use and the other to put the patches already used.

The pouch closes with a stainless steel spring.


National product and developed by the Mind The Trash team with great pride and affection for menstrual cycles without waste.

  • Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton layer, breathable laminated cotton (PUL), stainless steel spring. Organic cotton sewing thread.


    Washing: Wash by hand with your favorite detergent or in the machine with a centrifugation not exceeding 800 revolutions and water at 30ºC.


    Care Tips:

    - If you have blood stains, do not wash with hot water. Hot water will cause blood to stain the fabric.

    - We recommend the use of natural detergent and without synthetic fragrances.


    Packaging: Does not contain.


    Recycling: If you intend to recycle the packaging, you should put it in Ecoponto Azul. At the end of the pouch's life. Separate the different elements. Store the springs in a bottle together with staples and other small items for future recycling. The cotton fabric can compost or put together with the laminated cotton in the undifferentiated garbage.

  • WEIGHT 30 g




    15 × 0.5 × 14.5 cm