Bolsa Transporte Máquina Barbear Clássica da Banbu
  • Classic Shaving Machine Carrying Bag


    1 pcs.

    Product by: Banbu



    Because important things must be protected as they deserve.

    Take care and protect your shaver! Take care and protect the animal world!


    If he returned to classic shaving, he chose the most important, a good razor. At Banbu we offer you your perfect complement; a vegan leather case for you to protect while caring for and protecting the animal world.


    Whether you chose one of ours or not, our vegetable leather bag for classic shavers is a great alternative to plastic cases and their harmful environmental impact.


    In addition, if you are one of the people who most respects the animal world, it is the perfect option because our covers are 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% vegan.

    For you, who know how to take care of what is most important.


    Banbu Shaving Bags are made with a fabric that is a mixture of organic cotton, rubber and natural dyes, with which we achieve a skin-like material in terms of finish, texture and properties, but respecting the animal world.


    This vegetable material offers excellent resistance, durability and softness properties that will keep your shaver protected from bumps and scratches, wherever you take it.


    Our vegetable leather is a very light, waterproof and washable material, dyed with natural dyes, making it a fabric free of toxic, chemical and pollutant products that, in addition to protecting the animal world, also protects the environment.


    The covers for Banbu shavers have measures that adapt perfectly to the standard size of most classic shavers, so that there is no excess or lack of space and your shaver is perfectly protected.


    What about your design? Its elegance and simplicity are total!

    Our "all-black" black cover exudes modernity and sobriety at the same time. The double stitching and our logo engraved on the fabric, give it that special handmade look.


    This cover is the ideal complement to show the style that characterizes it: elegant, natural, ecological and above all that respects what matters most; the aminal world.


    You know ...

    If plastics no longer adapt to your lifestyle and you are committed to respecting animals, this bag is what you need.


    Your Shaver and the environment will thank you!