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Recycled Glass Candle - Spice Wood


1 pcs.

A product: The Greatest Candle


A charming candle designed to create a good atmosphere inside and outside the home.


Made of a perfumed ecological wax that derives from the reuse of edible vegetable oils, it prevents the consumption of virgin raw materials as well as the contamination of the environment.


- A safe product for the health of its users that helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

- 75g candle with an approx. firing time 20h.

  • Olfactory notes of Spice Wood fragrance

    Top: spicy, cloves, nutmeg
    Intermediate: woody, spicy
    Base: woody, musk


    Spicy but sweet. Perfect for creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for the whole year.


    Candles tested by international laboratories.