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Nail Polish - Vermillon N°33 - (comp. 7 FREE)


7 ml.

A product: Avril



A beautiful red varnish is a real "must have", so the color Vermillon will not disappoint, texture and shine are waiting for you!

It is not a biological product.


Intense and bright color.

Composition "7 Free":

- Without parabens

- Without formaldehyde

- Phthalate-free

- Without toluene

- No xylene

- Without camphor

- No rosin.


Not tested on animals.

Vegan product.

Valid: 08/2021 (1 unit)

  • To achieve a beautiful manicure, file your nails in a rounded shape, soak them in water to soften cuticles and with a small wooden stick, push the cuticles and remove the dead skin. Now your nails are ready to receive the base and varnish.