Caixa Cortiça para Cosméticos Sólidos da Banbu

Cork Box for Solid Cosmetics


1 pcs.

Product by: Banbu



Cork is a unique material, as are Banbu cosmetics.


Take care and protect naturally, so that it is always perfect!

Take care and protect the environment!


As well as protecting the cork oak from which it comes, cork is the ideal material to protect your solid cosmetics, so Banbu offers you a box made specifically for your products.


For its incredible natural properties, the Banbu cork box is not only the perfect alternative to store and preserve your cosmetic products, but also the perfect sustainable alternative, since it is a 100% compostable, renewable and biodegradable material.


The Banbu cork box is designed for those people who want, in addition to preserving their cosmetics in the best conditions, a more ecological, more hygienic and more natural option, which allows dispensing soap dishes or plastic boxes that, besides spoiling the products, spoils and harm the environment.


For you, who only want the best.

Banbu's Cork Box is made entirely of natural cork, a material that offers unique properties that allow this box to be: durable, light, insulating, neutral and hygienic. All the qualities that will preserve all the properties and the aroma of your cosmetics, wherever you take them.


The semi-permeability of cork allows its soaps, shampoos, deodorants, etc. dry properly, adsorb excess moisture and let air through. Moisture is retained internally without transferring it to the outside, also protecting your furniture.


Because it is an inert and neutral material, it favors that it does NOT develop microorganisms or fungi, and that it also DOES NOT present any type of toxicity or allergy, being a totally safe and hygienic material.


The lid of the box is simply snapped in, but due to the elastic characteristics of the cork it does not sag or come loose, so it will stay in place and always close perfectly.


We do not need paints, the brand name is engraved with fire, avoiding any chemical product that could harm the total biodegradability of this article.


So you know ...

If plastic doesn't fit your lifestyle and you want to keep your solid cosmetics fully protected , this is the perfect option.


Natural and unique like you!

  • Cork box 100% natural, resistant and designed to store any type of solid cosmetic, as an ideal alternative to soap dishes or plastic or metal containers that can harm the quality of the products, in addition to damaging the environment.

    Semi-impermeable product that adsorb water without penetrating it, and allows products to be aerated, for adequate drying.

    Sturdy, light and hygienic box with easy-to-open snap-on lid.

    100% compostable, biodegradable and naturally renewable.
    Free of dyes and chemicals

    Dimensions (interior):
    10mm x 89mm