Cana de Bambú Viagem- Criança da Babu

Childs Toothbrush Bamboo Travel Case


1 pcs.

A product: Babu


OUR BAMBOO TRAVEL CANE- So you can store and transport your Babu, anywhere, anytime.


• 17cm in length

• 2.5cm in diameter

• 40gr of weight


Cane and 100% biodegradable packaging

  • Nada melhor do que contribuir para a mudança que todos nós queremos ver e experienciar, começando por introduzir produtos já utilizados por nósmas fabricados com materiais que não coloquem em causa a biodiversidade e preservação do ecossistema.



    O bambu é totalmente biodegradável, ao contrário das tradicionais que demoram mais de 400 anos anos a decompor-se! Para além de amigo do ambiente, está a utilizar um produto vindo da natureza.


    Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, currently the record was reached in Japan, where this plant grew 121 cm in just 24h!



    There are currently over 4000 possible uses for Bamboo and with each passing day new forms are discovered and applied. Recent studies show that ethanol alcohol can be removed from bamboo and can also be used as a fuel.



    It is capable of regenerating after cutting, being able to live up to a hundred years and being properly treated, it can become a durable material for many generations. A renewable raw material, of low cost, with several possibilities of use, bamboo is increasingly being used in conservation

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