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Rice Wax


100 gr.

100% Pure and Natural


Extracted from rice bran, this wax has a very high melting point and, therefore, a good film formation and texturing power in balms and lipsticks.


It is also known for its very soft, very pleasant touch in emulsions.


They are, therefore, ideal for thickening and stabilizing creams, while giving them softness and protective power.


Country of Origin: China

SKU: 102022

Method of production


This wax is obtained from the husk of the rice grain. An extraction process separates vegetable oil from rice bran, on the one hand, and rice wax, on the other. The wax is discolored.

INCI : Rice bran wax (Oriza sativa)

Store at room temperature, away from moisture and light.
Close the packaging tightly after use.

Innovative, eco-friendly zip bags, robust and practical, are compostable and recyclable to reduce waste in a sustainable manner.
If there is no homemade or local compost, it is recyclable, put it on cardboard.

- The role of these grants comes from sustainably managed forests.
- Protective and compostable barrier film for perfect product conservation.
- Reusable zipper in vegetable material for easier use and without impact on nature.