Bellina Wax

Bellina Wax


50 gr.


This modified beeswax allows to prepare balms with a very flexible texture and a smooth and creamy touch. Prevents crystallization in balms and helps to thicken oils evenly.

It is, therefore, the ideal ingredient for the preparation of oily serums or "gels". In addition, it allows and maintains the good dispersion of dyes in makeup products, besides being useful as a texture and consistency agent in creams and milks.

A very versatile wax, therefore, with a unique and silky touch.

  • Properties:

    - Thickening, texturing

    - Form balms with a very smooth, soft and silky feel

    - Prevents crystallization in mixtures of waxes, butters and oils (balms)

    - Oil gelling, thicken oils evenly and smoothly, without granules.

    - More hydrophilic than beeswax, which gives the creams a more creamy feel and better properties in emulsions (promotes the formation of "liquid crystal" structures that give a nice touch)

    - Texturing agent in emulsions

    - Increases the stability of emulsions

    - Film formation

    - Facilitates and maintains the good dispersion of pigments and micas in makeup products.


    Obtaining Method

    Modification of beeswax: esterification of free fatty acids with polyglycerol, which makes it more hydrophilic (with better affinity for water).



    Thickener oils, texture and touch agent



    Natural origin (beeswax), cosmetic quality


    Country of origin

    United States







    - Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes.
    - Be careful not to burn yourself when handling the melted wax.



    Wax micro pearls, from off-white to pale yellow, packed in a zippered bag.



    Store at room temperature, away from moisture and light. Close the bag tightly after use.

  • Use as an ingredient in your preparations:

    • Balsams and butters
    • Oily serums, oily "gels"
    • Lipsticks and lipsticks
    • Makeup products: mascara, eyeliner, pencil ...
    • Creams and milks of all kinds

    - Dosage: 1 to 20%

    - Insoluble in Water

    - Oil Soluble - To be dissolved in the hot oil phase (about 70 ° C) Melt the wax in a water bath with the other ingredients of the oil phase.

    - Melting Point: 63-73 ° C



    • As a unique low-dose wax (2-10%) in vegetable oils, to create oily serums or oily "gels".
    • Like the unique wax (dosage of 5 to 20%), mixed with oils and / or butters to create balms.
    • In combination with an emulsifier: the addition of a small amount (1-5%) of Bellina Wax in an emulsion thickens, and increases its stability and film-forming power, while providing softness to the touch.
    • In combination with other s wax (candelilla carnauba, soybean) and sticks in lipstick.