Carnauba wax

Carnauba wax


100 gr.


The main properties of carnauba wax are emollient and hypoallergenic, so it can be used to make elaborations for all types of skin.

  • Carnaúba Wax is a tallow of natural origin, which is used to make cosmetics, since it adds shine and gives consistency. You can use Carnauba Wax to make creams, soaps, lip balms ...

    The uses of Cera Carnaúba in cosmetics are very varied.

    This wax is characterized by being hard and resistant and melts from 80ºC.

    The most outstanding properties of Cera Carnaúba:

    • Hypoallergenic, that is, it does not produce allergic reactions. So it can be used for all types of skins.

    • Antioxidant, which makes it a perfect ingredient for making homemade anti-aging creams.

    • Emollient, helping to moisturize and soften skin and hair.

    Technical characteristics:

    -Name: T-3 carnauba wax

    -Color: orange-Melting point: 81-86ºC-

    Soluble: insoluble in water

    -Recommended dose: from 1 to 10%

    It is obtained from the leaves of a palm tree that grows in Brazil.

    The tree itself exudes this wax to stay hydrated in times of drought.