Soy Wax (without GMO)

Soy Wax (without GMO)


75gr. or

500 gr.


Soy wax is the ingredient of choice to make your candles natural. Its low melting point and emollient properties make it particularly ideal for massage candles.


Its white color gives you complete freedom to color your candles. This "wax" is obtained from soybean oil from cultures that are not GMOs, which is not obvious, as it is common to find products that, although they do not contain GMOs, are in fact from GM crops.


Its presentation in chips facilitates the dosage.

  • Obtaining method

    Hydrogenation of soybean oil



    100% vegetable origin



    Hydrogenated vegetable oil



    Hydrogenated soybean oil to give a solid texture. Soy wax is not strictly "wax", as it does not contain waxy esters.
    Additive: citric acid of natural origin



    Solid waxy white color and neutral odor, presented in flakes packed in 500 gr or 75 gr bottles



    - Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes.
    - Be careful not to burn yourself when handling the melted wax.



    Store at room temperature, away from moisture and light.

  • How to use

    - Melt the wax in a double boiler with the other ingredients of the oil phase. Heat the wax to between 57 ° C and 85 ° C. Do not overheat the wax (above 95 ° C)

    - To make candles:
    For best results, pour the heated wax when it is between 65 and 75 ° C. The candle container should be at room temperature.
    Let the candle cool to room temperature for at least 12 hours before using it, to obtain the ideal crystallization of the wax.



    • Use alone to make candles very simply.
    • Add butter, vegetable oils ... for all types of candles, in particular massage candles or balms.