Champô Sólido - Cabelo e Barba [mentol e abeto] da Greensense
  • Solid Shampoo - Hair and Beard [menthol and fir]


    85 gr.

    Product by: Greensense


    Fit for vegans and practical to take on the go. This formula has the particularity of leaving a feeling of freshness due to the presence of menthol. For gentle and effective washing of hair and beard, leaving them clean and fresh. This shampoo allows a greater number of uses and is ecological, we do not use sulfates, artificial silicones or plastic.

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    Apply shampoo directly on wet hair and beard and massage gently until frothy. Rinse and repeat the wash if necessary. After use, keep the shampoo dry between washes.

    For best results, after washing you can use one of our solid conditioners.