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Solid Shampoo – Coloured Hair


Product by: Mind The Trash

Size: Approx. 90gr.

Validity: 6 months after opening.


Natural Shampoo with Conditioner by Mind The Trash, formulated to respect the pH of the hair, moisturizing and nourishing it with natural ingredients, vegetal and organic origin. It is indicated for hair with coloration, very fine and delicate, containing a light conditioning agent to facilitate the combing.


  • Without preservatives, parabens or artificial colorants
  • 100% vegan and not tested on animals
  • Free Plastic
  • Our shampoos are formulated to ensure they do their job well: wash the hair, leaving it soft, nourishing and shiny. To this end, the ingredients used play a key role. Many have strange names but, in fact, they are no more than butters, oils or spices.




    How to use: With wet hair, massage gently the shampoo until it lathers. After use store in a dry place. The rounded shape allows for great handling, fitting perfectly to the palm of the hand.


    Number of uses: Approximately 30-50 washes.


    Packaging: 100% recycled kraft card, 100% recyclable, Compostable, FSC certified, Paper from responsible sources and GreenStar System 5 Star certification. Shampoo with conditioner protected with sulphite paper, 100% recyclable.


    Why should we use solid shampoo?

    It's more economical because they last longer than a cream shampoo. It is ecological because it dispenses plastic packaging, avoiding the production of thousands of toxic waste. It is more natural because it is formulated with mild surfactants made from coconut and vegetable raw material.


    Why are there solid shampoos that do not work?

    At the moment in the market there are already several solid shampoos and many do not work because the formulation used is the same to make soaps for the skin, and that should not be the case.The skin has a different pH from hair, so by not respecting this difference, hair can dry, there is an increase of the electrostatic energy and so arise spike ends easily. The cuticles tend to open and the result is a dull and difficult to comb hair.

    Our Conditioner shampoos contain Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, anionic surfactant (frothy, detergent, humectant, water soluble and biodegradable) of plant origin without sulphates.


    Warning: For external use only. Do not use around the eyes, mucous membranes or injured skin. In case of irritation, discontinue use.