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Solid Shampoo - Oily Hair


1 pcs.

Product by: Matralia



For this 100% natural solid shampoo, we have selected the best ingredients that nature has to offer.


Specifically designed for oily hair or with dandruff problems, we have developed a unique formula without the addition of any oil, but containing powerful natural eliminators of oil, impurities and toxins such as green clay and charcoal.


In this handmade DETOX shampoo, we also add the nettle very rich in mineral salts, ideal for cleaning the scalp and avoiding the appearance of so unwanted peeling, commonly known as dandruff. Its action also stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, which makes the capillary roots stronger, reducing hair loss.


Contains no preservatives, flavors or synthetic colors


100% Natural. Vegetarian. Organic. Cruelty free

- How to Use: Wet the hair well with water and then massage the entire scalp with the Solid Shampoo for Oily Hair. You will quickly feel an abundant and natural foam without the use of chemicals. Rinse it again and your hair will feel clean and healthy.


- Duration: 50 to 70 washes


- Weight: 50g