Daily Solid Shampoo

Daily Solid Shampoo


90 gr.

Product by: Terra, Artesanal Soap


The use of specific natural shampoos for frequent use, prevents damage caused by chemical and synthetic ingredients.

DAILY solid shampoo is indicated for
frequent shampooing, containing the most moisturizing and protective skin oils: olive oil, coconut and palm (sustainably sourced); castor and avocado: regenerating and rich in vitamins A / D / E. Shea butter softens and nourishes and yuzu strengthens, brightens and tones.

  • Presented in handmade and recyclable packaging, plastic free.


    Along with a smile, hair is one of the most attractive features for a woman.


    With this in mind, Terra, Artesanal Soap has developed a complete hair treatment line with solid shampoos and conditioners, with ergonomic and long-lasting shapes. The most moisturizing and protective hair oils have been reinforced with vitamins and combined with essential oils best suited for clean, strong, shiny and healthy hair, naturally.