Cones de Incenso de Refluxo Aromático | Sábio Branco | Aromatika Backflow

Aromatic Reflux Incense Cones


1 box

Product by: Aromatika Backflow



Back Flow incense cones are made with herbs, oils and natural resins.


These cones project cascading smoke to enhance the beauty of the burner and scent your home for longer.


After lighting the incense cone, it will start to "smoke". The incense will be heavier than air and will fall in swirls and twists, through the oil burner orifice of the special return flow and descend on the item, accumulate on the bottom. It is amazing to watch and very relaxing.


Aromatika Backflow incense cones are especially suitable for practitioners of meditation, yoga and aromatherapy.

  • Weight: 32g ℮


    Ingredients / Materials: Incense


    Origin: India

  • Our incense is imported from India and, at AW Artisan, we take the time to visit all the factories and ensure that internal and external workers are not exploited.


    The products they buy help create significant jobs in India's poor communities.