Cotonetes em Bambu e Algodão da Babú

Cotton Swabs - Bamboo


Swabs | Hydrophil


Hydrophil swabs are made of bamboo and soft cotton and so are biodegradable!


Available in a recycled cardboard box and in packs of 100 un.


Vegan and Fair.


  • We are constantly surrounded by plastic - it can be used for various purposes and it is cheap.

    What's wrong with that: plastic needs at least 500 years to decompose. About 13,000 plastic particles are found on every Km2 of the surface of the ocean - scattered throughout the world by the ocean current. It is estimated that 75% of the waste in the North Sea is made up of plastic.

    In addition, most plastic products come from crude oil and require a lot of manufacturing resources - which speeds up the consumption of non-renewable fossil resources, so the use of plastic should be well thought out and radically minimized.

  • Composition: Our cotton buds are made of bamboo and extra soft cotton.


    Packaging: Our packaging is made of cardboard and contains a total of 100 units.


    Biodegradable: Babu swabs are also biodegradable in order to protect our planet.