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B-Like Cream -Lifting Effect

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50 ml.

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Intensive treatment with bleaching, illuminating and plumping agents. Saffron is a powerful antioxidant and depigmentation. Sangiovese wine improves rosacea. Hexapeptide that emulates the effect of botulinum toxin and Microalgae act as elevating agents, significantly reducing wrinkles and expression signals. Hyaluronic acid ensures high hydration, while coenzyme Q10 protects against oxidative stress. Shea Butter , Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil impart emollient properties, nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Biodynamic cosmetic: Sangiovese wine, obtained from biodynamic agriculture, is a polyphenol concentrate that promotes microcirculation and neutralizes skin aging.


    Sangiovese wine - antioxidant

    Sangiovese is a great wine from ancient origins. In Roman times its name was S anguis Jovis, or blood of Jupiter (of which Sangiovese), it is distinguished by an intense color and a fine fruity aroma.


    Obtained from Biodynamic Agriculture , a cultivation method that seeks excellence based on the most effective practices of traditional natural methods. It all starts in September, when the bunches of grapes are picked one at a time by hand to be placed in small boxes, in order to keep the harvest intact and avoid damage. The first selection is made directly in the vineyard, where only the best fruits are examined and chosen.

    The method is the same as biodynamic viticulture , but each year nature writes a different story, making each harvest unique and special. Biodynamic agriculture originates from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, founder of the school that bears his name. The general principles can be applied to gardening, since biodynamics expresses general concepts applicable to all living organisms: the assumption is that plants are living organisms that are placed between the earth and the cosmos. The garden therefore becomes a complex organism, in which plants, soil, animals, water, air and cosmic forces are the factors that, if well used, combine to recreate an internal balance.

    At the cosmetic level, wine is a natural skin care remedy that takes advantage of its antioxidant properties , thanks to the presence of polyphenols , to neutralize skin aging, while favoring microcirculation .