Curvex- Modelador de Cílios da Avril

CURVEX- Eyelash Curler

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1 pc.

Product: Avril


Curvex- with comfort cushions .

For a doe look, don't run away from the eyelash curler! Allows you to offer a sublimated and expanded look within seconds. Its effectiveness is such that mascara becomes an option!

  • Good grip thanks to its ergonomic rings

  • To use Curvex, two techniques are available:


    1) Slide the eyelashes between the metal bar and the silicone pad. Squeeze a few seconds and repeat the operation two to three times the entire length of the eyelashes, starting at the root.

    2) Put the tip into the eyelash root and squeeze for 20 seconds without releasing!

    Important point: Always remember to use it before putting on the mascara so as not to break the lashes.

    To access the cartridge, rotate the small receptacle on the handle.

    And for even more volume, use Avril Certified Organic Mascara !