Handmade Heart Diffuser

Handmade Heart Diffuser


1 pcs.


This hemp corded pebble spreads your favorite essential oils wherever you want.

Gently releases the aromas of essential oils.

A little treasure to hang and perfume every moment of your life!

Put a few drops of essential oil on the pebble and enjoy your favorite aromas.


This diffusion mode preserves the properties of essential oils without denaturing them.


Perfect for small spaces,
Ideal to be placed in drawers, dressers, wardrobes, bedside tables or even in the car.

Benefit from the power of aromatherapy wherever you are.

  • Handcrafted Pebbles La Mineroche


    La Mineroche is the result of a patented manufacturing process from a mixture of 100% natural materials, similar to stone, very resistant with a very natural finish.



    Alt: 5cm.

    Length: 5 cm.

  • These Mineroche Pebbles with message allow you to delicately diffuse your essential oils, fragrances or aromatic extracts .

    Mix essential oils, fragrances or aromatic extracts of your choice and create your own composition or use our ready-made synergies to spread.

    Put 10 drops of essential oil and repeat when necessary.

    If you want to change the aroma, wait until the stones are without any aroma.