Facial Luffa Discs

Facial Luffa Discs


2 pcs.


Through a gentle exfoliation, it eliminates dead cells and helps maintain the natural beauty of the skin.


Disc 100% natural, treated with thermal water from Caldas de Reis at 43º.

No resources for bleaching agents or harmful chemicals.

  • Origin: Pardedes de Coura and Caldas de Reis


    Main features:

    • Stimulates blood circulation
    • Prevents cellulite
    • Reduces blackheads
    • Removes dead cells
    • Keeps skin healthy
    • 100% natural
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Durable
    • Hand-made
    • Ideal for use with gels and soaps
    • Natural exfoliation, both wet and dry


    Size: 7cm diameter


    Durability : 4-6 months depending on its use.