Pincel de Aplicação de Máscaras com  ponta de silicone da Avril

Mask Application Brush



A product: Avril


Apply your facial treatments like a professional with the Avril brush with silicone tips!


Easy to use, hygienic, it optimizes the effects of your mask thanks to a uniform application!

    • Professional quality
    • Uniform application of masks, creams and facial scrubs
    • Hygienic: prevents contact of the product with fingers, cleans with soap and water
    • Chamfered silicone tip (3 cm)
    • Brush size: 16 cm
    • Silicone tip
    • Wooden handle
  • How to use your Avril silicone tip treatment brush?

    • Remove or drop a small mask with the brush
    • Apply from the center of the face, smoothing the material
    • Don't forget your neck, it also has the right to benefit from the treatment!


    How to clean the Avril brush for care with silicone tips?

    Nothing easier, clean it with soap and water. Super fast drying guaranteed, ideal for everyday use!