Biobrush Toothbrush
  • Biobrush Toothbrush


    1 pcs.

    Product by: Biobrush


    Instead of the industry incinerating wood chips, we turn them into toothbrushes!

    Bioplastic and cellulose-based packaging, bristles made of natural castor oil, with natural softeners, a purist design at a fair price!


    Handle and packaging

    The cable and packaging are based on cellulose obtained from wood residues from sustainable forestry.


    Bristles : The raw material used in the bristles comes from 100% renewable materials, with castor oil as the main component.

    Colors : The production of our batches is adapted to bioplastic and contains carefully selected pigments, in which the concentration of heavy metals is well below the limit value.


    • Medium to small head

    • Medium to soft bristles

    • Multi-tufted bristles

    • Uniformly cut bristles

    • Rounded bristles

    • Angled brush head