Coconut Fiber Bottle Brush

Coconut Fiber Bottle Brush


1 pcs.

Product by: LoofCo



We know that it is not always easy to get to the bottom of the bottle and clean every corner!

The Coconut Fiber Brush can be used to clean the interior of any type of container - bottles, glasses, and even jars.


Coconut fiber does not cause risks in common materials, so it is ideal for this type of cleaning.

    • Mop Material: Coconut Fiber
    • Handle Material: Rubber tree
    • Dimensions: 28cm x 5cm
    • Biodegradable and compostable
    • It should not be used in utensils coated with teflon
    • Hand made in Sri Lanka
  • HOW TO USE: rinse well before using for the first time. Dip the mop in warm, soapy water and you're ready to use. To keep the mop cool between uses, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry.

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