Esponja de Banho Natural da Croll & Denecke

Natural Bath Sponge



Product by: Croll & Denecke


Natural sponge carefully removed from underwater fields in the Mediterranean Sea. They are harvested only twice a year, so that their growth cycle is respected. Ideal for sensitive skin and for those who want a natural exfoliation.

  • Biodegradable
  • Plastic Free
  • How to use: Just dip the sponge in water. Soon after, the sponge will be smooth and ready to use.


    Dimensions: 9 x 10 x 5 cm


    Produced in Greece and imported by the family that created the Croll & Denecke brand. This is a family business that has existed since 1897 and has worked with the same partners and producers for decades, having visited the factories and ensuring that they are maintained according to their values and standards.