Konjac Heart Sponge

Konjac Heart Sponge


1 pcs.

Product by: AW Artisan



Konjac Sponges, made from konjac root vegetable fibers, are 100% natural and have a soft texture, especially suitable for facial cleansing.


Konjac was first used in Japan as a bath sponge for newborn babies for over 100 years due to its soft texture. The Konjac sponge's popularity comes from its effectiveness in facial cleansing!


Konjac Sponge pores have a unique patented layer that retains water. When it is saturated with water, its surface is covered by a layer of water, forming a barrier between the sponge and the skin.

As a result, the skin is never in direct contact with the fiber and does not damage the skin, even with deeper washes.