Óleo Essencial Gengibre | doTERRA | Oportunidades & Ofertas | deRAIZ



15 ml.



• Can help support healthy digestion *

• Can help; reduce bloating, gas and occasional indigestion *

• May help reduce occasional nausea *


Part of the Plant: Root

Extraction Method: steam distillation

Aromatic Description: Hot, spicy

Main chemical components: α-zingiberene, β-sesquiphellandrene

  • Recently sourced from Madagascar, dōTERRA ginger essential oil is extracted from the fresh rhizome of the ginger plant - the underground stem of a plant that shoots the root system.

    An ingredient featured in many Asian dishes, Ginger has a warm and fragrant flavor when used as a kitchen dressing. In the western tradition, ginger is used more often in sweets.

    The internal use of ginger is best known for anti-inflammatory action and as a digestive aid, to facilitate indigestion and occasional nausea. *

    Ginger essential oil can also be applied topically or inhaled as a mild aroma. *