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Neutral Henna



Product by: Centifolia


Neutral Henna does not give hair color, but it strengthens it.

It is a wonderful natural hair treatment: it cleans the oil from the scalp or dandruff, strengthens thin hair and provides shine to all types of hair.


Its regular application densifies the hair fiber, bringing volume to all hair, protecting it, making it flexible and easy to comb.


  • Strengthens hair.
  • Gives volume and shine.
  • For all types of hair.
  • Henna 100% natural, pure and without additives.
  • Does not give hair color.


  • “Neutral” Henna comes from Cassia Obovata , it does not color the hair, but in very rare cases, on very light hair or white hair you can color it slightly. To avoid this, do not exceed 30 minutes of application and take intervals of at least 2 weeks between applications.


    Composition: Cassia Obovata.


    100% pure and vegetable powder.


    Bag with zip closure that allows a better conservation of dust.Packaging without phthalate or bisphenol A.


    Product not tested on animals.

  • In a glass bowl, gradually add warm water to the powdered Henna, until a relatively thick paste is obtained.


    Be careful not to use metal utensils.


    Before applying to the hair, let the mixture rest, covered with a plastic film, between 1h to 2h for the color to develop.


    Henna PowderWaterShort hair 50 to 100g 100 to 200ml

    Semi-long hair 150 to 200g 300 to 400ml

    Long hair 200 to 250g 400 to 500ml


    Very long hair 300 to 500g 600 to 1000ml


    After preparing the paste, apply strand by strand until it covers all the hair strands. It is advisable to apply to the hair without washing. Once the hair is well impregnated with the mixture, wrap a plastic film over the head and let it rest until the desired result (~ 1h to 2h). The resting time varies with the porosity of the hair fiber.

    After resting, wash with plenty of water to remove all residues.

    Do not apply Henna to permanent or chemically colored hair less than 2 months ago.

    Protect the areas of the skin that can be dyed, applying a moisturizing cream or vegetable oil (contour of the ears, forehead, neck).

    Wear gloves for Henna preparation and application.

    Do not use metal utensils in the preparation of the Henna mixture.

    Before applying to the hair, test on a non-visible lock, wait 24 hours for the final result.

    Do not do chemical or permanent coloring for 2 months after Natural coloring with Henna.


    Detox Mask:

    In a hair with chemical coloring that intends to change to Natural coloring, there must be an interval of 2 months and it is advisable to perform the detox mask, in order to absorb, as much as possible, the chemical molecules and “detoxify” the hair with chemical coloring.

    Detox Mask (quantities for semi-long hair:

    Mix the powders, oil and water until a thick paste is obtained. Apply strand by strand, massaging the scalp. Leave to stand for 20 minutes, covered with a plastic film. Wash thoroughly to eliminate all residues.

    In situations of aggressive chemical coloring, make 3 to 4 detox masks, before Natural coloring with Henna.