Kit 3 Sacos Reutilizáveis - RE-SACK

Kit 3 Reusable Bags - RE-SACK


1 Kit

Product by: Re-Sack


Re-Sacks are reusable bags, ideal for transporting fruits and vegetables, and for safe storage.


Made from organic cotton, they can be placed in the refrigerator since, unlike plastic bags, they are breathable.

The drawstring closure system makes everything even more practical.


This Kit consists of 2 Re-Sack Net bags (38 x 30cm) and 1 Re-Sack Voile bag (38 x 28cm) ideal for all types of fruit and vegetables.

    • Re-Sack Net dimension: 38 x 30cm
    • Re-Sack Voile Dimension: 38 x 28cm
    • Re-Sack Net weight: 41gr
    • Re-Sack Voile Weight: 22gr
    • Composition: organic cotton (GOTS certified)
    • Machine washable at 30 ° C
    • Its size can reduce about 10% because it is made of a natural material
    • Produced from Fair Trade
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