Kit Piolhomania da Terra Saboaria Artesanal



1 Kit

Product by: TERRA Artisanal Soap


- 1 Solid Shampoo

- 1 Concentrated Base (10 ml) in a glass dropper bottle



An innovative method from TERRA, Artisanal Soap that, in two steps, prevents the appearance of lice and nits, using only natural ingredients and with a scent of strawberry lemonade.


Prevention is the best way to avoid lice and nits that attack 80,000 school-age children per year in Portugal.


Lice are attracted to human blood, but they run away from any odor that they don't like, even those that are pleasant to humans, such as some essential oils that make up the PIOLHOMANIA KIT formula, consisting of a concentrated base to dilute and use in spray and a shampoo for daily washing.


The concentrated base should be diluted with distilled water to spray on the children's hair, daily before going to school, also functioning as a detangler.

The shampoo, rich in vitamins, is the ideal complement for the concentrated base and was formulated to be used daily with vegetable oils and butters that soften and protect the hair.


The PIOLHOMANIA KIT is the best ally in the prevention of lice and nits, when returning to school.

  • CONCENTRATED BASE: Dilute the concentrated spray base in the proportion of 20 drops to 200 ml of distilled water. Spray on washed and dry hair, daily before combing and before going to school.


    1º Shake the spray bottle before each use.

    2º Wet the hair and massage with shampoo until foam. Spread evenly throughout the hair. Finally, rinse well.


    It is recommended to use conditioner to form a protective film around the hair and close your hair.
    scales, preventing the threads from losing nutrients and dehydrating.