Lâminas Barbear / Depilar em Platina | Banbu

Platinum Shaving Blades


1 box

Product by: Banbu


High quality platinum blades for a perfect shave.

Each package contains 5 blades.

  • Characteristics:

    • High quality platinum blades;
    • Each pack contains 5 blades;
    • 100% recycled cardboard packaging.


    After use

    • you should keep used blades in a safe place, such as a glass bottle and dispose of in sharps containers that you can find in pharmacies or healthcare facilities.
    • Do not dispose of it in conventional garbage or recycling.


    Composition : Platinum

  • Banbu emerged in 2019, in Bilbao, by the hands of Verónica and Rodrigo for their search for natural, ecological and sustainable alternatives.


    Based on respect for the world around us and all those who live in it, regardless of species and condition. They manufacture resistant natural products with low environmental impact, without giving up design, innovation and quality.


    All products are vegan, not tested on animals and without plastic.


    They donate part of their profits to the following institutions:


    - ReservaWildForest.org

    - PACMA, Animalist Party

    - APASOS Foundation