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Aluminum Balsam Can


1 unit


Empty aluminum can 15 ml and 4.3 cm in diameter with pressure cap. These cans are ideal for packing lip balms, solid perfumes, mini-format creams ...

They are practical and very functional, they also have an elegant design.

These cosmetic containers stand out for their quality.

You can personalize them with stickers.

Measurements: 4.3 cm in diameter x 1.6 cm in height

Material: aluminum



    Empty aluminum cans, with lid of the same material, ideal for handmade cosmetic packaging. It has a round shape, capacity to store 15 ml and is made of aluminum.

    This model is perfect for storing:

    Lip Balm
    Solid perfume
    Beard wax
    Cosmetic samples


    Containers are an essential part of home-made cosmetics and hygiene products. They allow to preserve the products, facilitate a comfortable application and give a touch of personal style. You can use them for storage and for original and creative packaging.

    These containers are characterized by being resistant, practical and economical. One of the great advantages they have is that, in addition to saving and preserving the products, you can personalize them with specific labels for each one of them. They usually have a smooth surface so that the stickers stick easily.