Natural Luffa Soap Dish

Natural Luffa Soap Dish


1 pcs.

Product by: Greensense


This vegetable and biodegradable luffa can also be used as a natural soap dish.

The soap dish keeps the soap in place, absorbs excess water and drains it perfectly so that it lasts much longer.

  • Natural Luffa from a tropical fruit currently grown sustainably in Europe. They are washed only with thermal water, without the use of harmful chemicals and bleaching agents. The color and thickness of the sponges can vary naturally.

  • GREENSENSE cosmetics are made with ingredients:


    • organic origin
    • vegetable
    • mineral
    • they do not contain parabens, petroleum products, artificial silicones, GMOs or harmful ingredients.
    • Our products are vegan and none are tested on animals, as we defend the freedom and life of all living beings.


    Our production is adapted to the type of products we present, in order to guarantee its freshness and greater durability.