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Classic Shaver


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Product by: Banbu



Every year, 2 billion disposable blades are used worldwide. These are not recyclable and are disposed of in common garbage, ending in the best case in landfills where they never disappear.


The Banbu shaver is a long-lasting alternative that combines the sensation of classic shaving with a renewed aesthetic, without losing its vintage essence. Lighter than most classic shavers, but it guarantees stability and balance.


Its structure consists of:

- Wooden handle and a high quality solid stainless steel head in shiny chrome.


- Handle and head in high quality solid stainless steel in matt black


It is a safety machine with a 3-slot head and closed comb, for an excellent shave and uncut hair removal.

  • Characteristics

    • Classic shaving or shaving machine with stainless steel head
    • Available with wooden handle or stainless steel.
    • Safety machine with 3-slot head and closed comb to prevent cuts
    • 100% recycled cardboard packaging


    Composition :

    1- Wood and Stainless Steel

    2- Stainless Steel (head and handle)


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