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Reusable Mask


1 pcs.


Mask Certified by CTCP RELATORIO Nº BA - 3205/2020


Textile masks intended for use by individuals in the context of their professional activity or in authorized outlets during confinement periods, namely in interior spaces with multiple people.


Using a mask minimizes the risk of contamination of the environment by containing respiratory particles expelled at close range through speech, coughing or sneezing. When using the mask, you should take into account the protective measures and precautions suggested by the DGS, such as social distance and the correct washing of hands.


Made in Portugal


Masks produced in 90% polyester fabric, 10% double layer elastane, with 100% cotton inside filter and nasal clip.

  • Composition of raw materials: 2 layers of polyester and 1 layer of TNT.


    Size: Adult

    Dimensions 18X16 CM

    Manufacturer: MBA

    Important note:

    Textile masks level 2 and 3 are not classified as medical devices or as personal protective equipment.

  • How to wear a mask?


    The use of a mask requires several precautions to be taken before, during and after its placement to ensure the best possible protection.


    Perform hand hygiene, cover the mouth and nose with the mask and adjust the nasal clip.


    After 4 hours of use or as soon as the mask is moist, you should replace it with a new / washed mask.

    Remove the mask from the back and place in a closed plastic bag until it is placed in the washing machine.


    New hand hygiene must be carried out at the end of the use and handling of the mask.

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